Friday, February 23

Catalonia closes the year with more than 25,000 new infections and 428 patients in the ICU

The Department of Health has declared this Friday 25,201 new cases of Covid-19, which places the total of positives confirmed with PCR or antigen tests at 1,219,806. In addition, it has registered two more hospitalized patients (1,612) and also two more critical patients in the ICU (428). The risk of regrowth rises to 3,547, which represents a growth of 489 points, while the speed of spread (Rt) goes from 1.86 to 1.88. Funeral homes have reported 28 deaths, with a total of 24,600 since the start of the pandemic.

When one week of the restrictions imposed by the Government is fulfilled, the accumulated incidence at 14 days rises from 1,692.50 to 1,941.67, while at 7 days it grows from 1,150.95 to 1,327.47. During the last week analyzed, 296,824 PCR and 297,056 antigen tests were carried out, of which 19.90% were positive. The average age of positive people is 35.27 years.

Between December 21 and 27, 150 deaths and 1,516 admitted people have been declared in Catalonia; and the previous week (from 14 to 20) 140 deaths and 1,319 hospitalized were reported. Among people living in residences, 41,524 confirmed cases have been reported since the start of the pandemic and 9,320 people have died.

Vaccination data

Salut has administered 6,309,558 first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, 13,138 more than in the previous balance, and 5,465,153 second doses, 10,221 more. In parallel, 1,923,221 third doses have already been injected, 53,353 more than 24 hours ago. The entire pattern reaches a total of 6,079,614 people, 6,657 more than the previous day.

76.4% of the population of Catalonia have the complete guideline, and 79.6% have received the first puncture. Among those older than 12 years, 85.6% have the complete regimen, and 87.5% have at least one dose. Likewise, 26.9% of the total population has the booster dose of the vaccine, which includes the third or second dose, in the case of people vaccinated with Janssen, which was a single dose, and those who have passed the disease, so they also received a single injection.

Special device for the end of the year

The Barcelona Urban Guard has reported that it will strengthen its presence in public spaces tonight to enforce health security measures, especially from 1 am with the start of the curfew. The agents will prioritize the surveillance and control of public spaces with a reinforcement of the service at night, coordinated with the Mossos d’Esquadra. In addition, the circulation of Metro, FGC and TRAM is extended until 2 in the morning.

The device has the objective of ensuring compliance with the measures against covid-19; control the intensive use of public spaces and correct the consumption of alcohol and drugs on public roads; as well as the control of unauthorized street vending; avoid and correct behaviors that cause inconvenience to neighbors and behaviors that lead to an alteration of coexistence and / or the degradation of public space.