Friday, January 28

Catalonia estimates that vaccines have prevented 10,000 deaths in one year

The Secretary of Public Health in Catalonia, Carmen Cabezas, has assured this Monday that vaccines have saved around 10,000 lives in Catalonia during the last year, coinciding with the first anniversary since the first dose against Covid-19 was punctured in a Catalan residence.

The Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya has taken advantage of the anniversary to highlight the work and effort of all the professionals who have made the vaccination campaign possible in an event at the Fira de Barcelona. The tribute, carried out this Monday, has participated Cabezas; Gemma Craywinckel, director of the Catalan Health Service; and Lourdes Carrés, Sandra Paixà and Leyre Martínez, as representatives of all health personnel.

The Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, highlighted in her speech that in one year more than 13 million vaccines have been administered. “These injections bear the names of the nurses who have given them, the administrators and all the people who made it possible,” he said.

Likewise, Cabezas has argued that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has been “a model of success” and “a long-distance race that began in residences.” However, he also wanted to remember that “the race continues” with the booster doses and vaccination of children. of their working hours ”, he added.

Cabezas has emphasized that vaccination “has been a collective effort” that “has prevented nearly 10,000 deaths and 400,000 infections” and has highlighted the participation of the entire health system. In this, he has included, among others, “distribution and logistics, the people who are in charge of communicating with the public and the people of 061”. The Secretary of Public Health ended her speech by thanking the professionals for their “patience”, their “smiles” and “being part of the solution.”

The nurse and coordinator of the Fira de Barcelona vaccination point, Lourdes Carrés, has expressed that she, “like many other colleagues”, came “without thinking about it” when they were called for the vaccination campaign. “Here at Fira we have supplied almost a million vaccines, something that I would not have imagined at first,” he said. Carrés also took advantage of his turn to speak to thank the management of Fira Barcelona and the College of Engineers and Telecommunications for their collaboration, which gave them walkies to communicate within the facilities.

Sandra Paixà, pediatric vaccination nurse in Reus, has remarked that the professionals who have been vaccinating are the same ones who have been doing PCR tests and attending the emergency room and that this has meant “sacrificing family, personal and vacation hours”. “Today is a day of recognition to all those professionals who have been giving one hundred percent”, he added.

Paixà has also pointed out that “at specific times”, such as when the Covid Passport began to be required, there have been “situations of tension”. “Sometimes we have received insults”, but he stressed that “some vaccination points have been reopened in less than 48 hours” to respond to this problem.

“We have been working non-stop for a year, we are tired and we have seen that the public is too,” said Leyre Martínez, administrative and planning technician for vaccination points in the North Metropolitan Region. “But we continue to do everything because it is in our hands to end this pandemic”, he stressed, before emphasizing that “the health system works.”

Lastly, the director of the Catalan Health Service, Gemma Craywinckel, thanked health professionals for the “great work”. “Vaccines are being part of the solution,” he said, before encouraging health personnel to continue with the task. To conclude, he appealed to citizens to “be careful and consistent” in their way of acting.