Thursday, October 28

Catalonia extends the current restrictions against COVID-19 for one more week

The Government of the Generalitat has approved, within the framework of the Procicat – the entity that manages the pandemic in Catalonia -, the extension for one more week of the containment measures against COVID-19 in force. The new resolution, which will come into force this Friday, September 17, and is valid for seven days, provides for the acceptance of the plan presented by the Department of Culture that will accelerate the recovery of the activity of castells.

Beyond this, after the end of the curfew and the limit of meetings of ten people, the restrictions that are maintained today in Catalonia have to do with the use of the mask when there is no distance, the capacity reduced by some interiors or the closure of nightlife venues.

As for the castellers, they will be able to make constructions of up to 160 people, with a mask, entrance and exit protocols of the squares and a maximum of 15 minutes duration for the raising of the castle. In addition, they must demonstrate that they have a complete vaccination schedule or a negative PCR in the last 48 hours, while those under 12 years of age will undergo rapid antigen tests (ART).

Health rules out vaccinating in institutes

Health has ruled out for now vaccinating students who are not yet protected from COVID-19 in high schools due to the good rate of administration of the vaccine in these age groups. “Right now this measure is not on the table, although the figures are periodically analyzed by area and, if later it is considered that it can help in a specific territory, it will be valued”, said the person in charge of intersectoral programs of Public health in childhood and adolescence, Laia Asso.

Schools will be able to check from Friday on the Tra├žacovid application which students and professionals are immunized and which are not, either because they have the complete vaccination schedule or have had the disease in the last six months.