Wednesday, October 27

Catalonia plans to reopen indoor nightlife from October 8 with COVID certificate

The Generalitat intends to allow indoor activity in discos and nightlife venues as of October 8. Of course, with COVID-19 certificate. The decision, advanced by Rac1 and confirmed by this means, comes days after a strong controversy has been unleashed as a result of the macro-bottles that have been held in Barcelona during the La Mercè Festival weekend.

The second night of the bottle in Barcelona brings together thousands of people and ends with 43 injured, three of them seriously

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Since last September 24, nightlife can open in Catalonia until 3:00 a.m., but only outdoors. These conditions provoked the rejection from the beginning of the employers of the sector, but also of institutions such as the Barcelona City Council, which see in the reopening of the discos and music bars a way to reduce the massive influx to the bottles.

Pending the confirmation of the terms of this reopening –aspects such as the schedule or whether it will be possible to dance on the dance floor–, the decision adopted by the Generalitat represents an advancement of its own plans. In the last meeting they held with the employers, they were told that their intention was to resume indoor activity as of October 15.

Catalonia is one of the communities, together with the Balearic Islands, that has taken the longest to resume activity in nightlife venues. After a brief reopening at the end of June, also until three in the morning, with dance floors enabled and without the need to keep the distance, the fifth wave escalated and this led to the new closure of the sector.