Friday, September 22

Catalonia reactivates automatic withdrawals due to COVID due to the increase in cases

The increase in cases of Covid-19 in Catalonia has led the Generalitat to recover the system of automatic withdrawals due to symptoms compatible with the disease. This was announced this Tuesday by the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, in an appearance together with the director of the Servei Català de la Salut, Gemma Craywinckel.

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Craywinckel has warned that the rebound in cases in Catalonia in the last two weeks has had a “direct impact” on primary care (visits have increased by 16% in a period in which part of the staff is already on vacation) and has asked citizens to “protect” the health system so that resources are allocated to the most serious cases. She has also confirmed that casualties due to respiratory failure have increased in recent weeks.

As in times of increased hospital pressure during the pandemic, withdrawals can be requested electronically -through the La Meva Salut portal- or by phone. A positive test will not be required and if you have the symptoms of Covid-19, you can already process the withdrawal, which will be for five days. Registration after this period will also be automatic and the measure will be temporary to address the peak of this seventh wave. “We hope that it will be the people who are really sick who access this route,” Craywinckel has riveted.

Cabezas has pointed out that the cases, although they continue to grow, could indicate that the peak of the wave would arrive next week or the next. “We see a point of braking in the increase”, he specified. The accumulated incidence in Catalonia is 403 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, although in Salut they are aware that many cases are now off the radar. Those admitted with Covid add up to 2032 people and the ICUs have 52 patients.