Thursday, September 16

Catalonia rules out reopening nightlife and does not contemplate “for the moment” the COVID-19 passport for this sector

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has ruled out this Monday reopening nightlife beyond 00:30 to avoid a spike in infections and has stated that “for now” he does not contemplate requesting the COVID-19 passport to access bars, entertainment venues or shops. In an interview with TV3, he explained that the Government will defend before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that nightlife must remain closed from 12.30 a.m., after the court gave the Generalitat two business days on Friday to explain the reasons why it has restricted restaurant hours and closed the interior spaces of nightlife.

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Although he claims to understand the “anguish” of the nightlife sector, Aragonès has argued that previous waves of the pandemic have shown that the reopening of this type of activity has caused an increase in infections, so he believes that he should be avoided. “It has happened to us five times, do we want a sixth to happen to us? We have to try not to make the same mistakes,” he said, so he has opted to finish overcoming the fifth wave and achieve a stabilization of the health situation.

Thus, he has indicated that it is necessary to “decompress and decongest the health care field” before considering new reopening measures, and has placed the start of the school year as the main challenge in the coming weeks of the fight against the coronavirus. The Catalan president has warned that the start of the school year cannot be put at “risk” and that, once it has been passed, it will be possible to begin to analyze whether or not to move forward in the reopening of nightlife. that it is necessary to “fight” images like those of the last weekends, with bottles and crowds at parties, both with pedagogy and with the actions of the security forces.

On whether to apply the COVID-19 passport to allow entry into bars, restaurants, nightlife venues and shops, Aragonès has replied that “it is not possible, at least for now.” He also stressed that vaccination is still underway and that, unlike other countries in which this measure has been applied, in Catalonia there is no “significant resistance” to being vaccinated, although he has said that in the only scenario in the one who could raise the passport would be in the nightlife.

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