Thursday, December 8

Catalonia studies banning smoking in cars and confirms the elimination of tobacco on terraces in 2023

The Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya studies prohibiting smoking inside the car. This was pointed out by the Minister Manel Balcells in a interview in the newspaper Ara. This Thursday, he specified that it is an issue that the Generalitat is analyzing because they would like to restrict the use of tobacco “for reasons of public health, so we are looking at what we can determine in the future law, based on our powers.”

Catalonia will prohibit smoking on the terraces of bars, canopies and accesses to schools

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In this line, car trips with minors or elderly people with risk factors could be two cases in which the possibility of legislating is seen, although the Department has also recognized that there are other situations that are not linked to public health , such as the risk of traffic or fire.

“We have to see to what extent we can introduce elements into the law so as not to have problems afterwards,” Balcells assured. Regarding the smoking ban on terracesthe Minister has assured that tobacco will be eliminated from these spaces in 2023, although he has not yet given a specific date.

Balcells has justified these new regulations by ensuring that the relationship between tobacco and lung cancer is direct. “Protecting the health of children and vulnerable people is important,” he said in the interview. “We must be strict and we will be. The law goes ahead and without any cuts, ”he added.