Friday, September 30

Catalonia studies prohibiting smoking on the terraces of bars, canopies and accesses to schools

The Generalitat de Catalunya is preparing regulations that guarantee that bar terraces are smoke-free spaces. This has been said by Josep Maria Argimon, Minister of Health, who also intends to add the canopies of bars and the entrances and exits of schools to the ban.

The effect of the anti-tobacco law wears off and more people smoke again than before it was enacted

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“We have to give a boost”, said the Minister in reference to the anti-tobacco measures, in a interview for Els Matins on TV3. “Whenever a regulation has been made that provides smoke-free spaces, people normally stop smoking,” added Argimon.

Although it is true that, since the anti-smoking law of 2011 was approved (which prohibited smoking in closed public spaces), there has been a decrease in smokers in Catalonia, this has occurred slowly. According to the Health Survey of Catalonia, in 2021 22.6% of the population is a smoker, 7% less than 10 years ago.

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