Monday, May 29

Catalonia will promote family medicine and mental health with a bonus for those who choose that specialty

The Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya has launched a program of economic incentives aimed at new R1 residents of the specialty of Family and Community Medicine and those of Mental Health Nursing who join the accredited places in Catalonia.

The new residents will join the centers at the end of May and will receive between 5,000 and 9,000 euros in total each year, depending on where the teaching unit is located. Those who join teaching units in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area will receive 5,000 euros per year; those who do so in other places in the province of Barcelona, ​​7,000 euros and those from the rest of Catalonia, 9,000 euros per year.

This incentive program of between 5 and 9 million euros per year, to which those who have passed the annual public call for access to specialized health training will have access, will be extended to new first-year residents who enter this year and during all specialty. This year, around 3 million euros will be allocated to this measure, which aims to attract and retain talent to promote territorial equity. The forecast is that a maximum of 370 Family Medicine residents and 53 Mental Health Nursing residents will benefit.

Catalonia currently has 18 accredited family and community care teaching units distributed throughout the territory, where 1,185 medical professionals and 17 mental health units specializing in nursing are being trained, in which 67 nurses are being trained and nurses. According to Government data, 90% of family medicine and mental health nursing residents are satisfied or very satisfied with the training received.

This incentive program aims to promote the two specialties and promote territorial equity, but also strengthen primary and community care and mental health. In this sense, Salut is incorporating new primary care professionals as referents of emotional well-being, physiotherapists or nutritionists.