Thursday, October 28

Catalonia will stop financing schools that segregate by sex next year

The Generalitat de Catalunya has decided not to renew the educational agreement for the eleven schools that continue to segregate their students by sex in the community, the majority linked to religious institutions such as Opus Dei. The withdrawal of public funding to segregating centers will come into effect from the next academic year, 2022-2023.

“There can be no school that with public funding separates boys and girls in the classrooms in the 21st century,” said the Minister of Education, Josep González Cambray after the weekly meeting of the Government. The Minister of Education has defended the measure because segregation “increases stereotypes.”

Despite the announcement of the minister, the withdrawal of public funds will be limited to the stage of infant and secondary and high school because the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) forced the Government to maintain the concert in the primary until the academic year 2025-2026 .

According to González Cambray, the withdrawal of the concert will affect 139 ESO groups, which are equivalent to 3,850 students, and 251 high school students, and will mean a saving of about 15 million euros. The minister has adduced the state law of Education, known as the ‘Celaá law’, as the legal tool that will make the Justice not again knock down the elimination of funding to the centers that segregate.

The Generalitat pledged to withdraw the concerts to schools that segregate by sex after the Parliament urged it to do so on several occasions in the last five years, but during the intervention of autonomy during the 155 at the end of 2017 the Ministry of Education renewed them.

During the last legislature, the Ministry of Education did not renew the Primary concerts, since the Infant and Secondary concerts remained in force for the next six years. In May 2020 the department published a resolution by which it renewed all the concerts of the Primary schools except eleven, which only enroll boys or girls. These were the same that the appeal would later impose: Canigó, Bell-lloc, Les Alzines, Pineda, Xaloc, Institució Lleida, Campjoliu, Institució Tarragona, La Vall, La Farga and Viaró. Most are linked to Opus Dei.

That resolution of the Generalitat, despite not renewing its public funding for the next six years, agreed to extend it for at least one more year, due to the circumstances of the pandemic. At that time, Education claimed that it was keeping them for another year because it had not been able to receive and assess the documentation sent by the schools on the pedagogical reasons for the segregation model.

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