Thursday, July 7

Catalunya estimates that 40% of positives and their contacts do not properly comply with quarantine

The health authorities estimate that around 40% of those who should comply with quarantine – that is, the positives and their contacts – do not do it correctly. This figure, which was already detected in a similar way last summer, with the first outbreaks of July, was announced this weekend by both the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas, and the director of the Agency for Public Health of Catalonia, Xavier Llebaria.

The Acampada Jove festival is canceled due to the “contagion explosion” in Catalonia

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The autonomous community continues with the highest incidences in Spain, with 753.91 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. “When we are contacts or we are positive cases, we must stay at home, not only for ourselves, but also for the health system,” Cabezas warned in an interview on TV3. Currently the health centers are collapsed and the Generalitat has been forced to change its protocols: since this week the contacts of a positive, those who do not present symptoms, have to self-confine. “We need to recover primary care for those who need it,” insisted Cabezas, who recalled that since Sant Joan, on January 23, his consultations have multiplied by five.

New measures in sight

In the context of an upward curve, the President of the Government, Pere Aragonès, has confirmed that the epidemic has exploded “explosively” and that cases are beginning to increase significantly in hospitals. “We are not in a good moment,” he warned.

Aragonès has announced that the Executive will take “new measures to mitigate the number of infections that are occurring”, although they will try, he said, to make a balance with “the social, economic and emotional life” of the population. The new shares will be announced this Monday or Tuesday. Aragonès and the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, met this Sunday with workers from the Bellvitge University Hospital, in l’Hospitalet.

Along the same lines, the counselor Argimon has also spoken of a very explosive and rapid growth of infections. The Health Minister has warned that the Delta variant is the predominant one and is much more transmissible. “We know that we have a change in the epidemiological pattern compared to previous waves. It occurs in much younger people, mainly due to their unvaccinated age and age groups between 40 and 49 years old, many of them with a dose of the vaccine” . On the Delta variant, Argimon has also explained it is above 60% in the entire territory.

Doubts about festivals

As for the celebration of multitudinous music festivals in full swing of infections, for the first time there have been voices from the health authorities that have begun to question it. In less than ten days, the Vida Festival has been held in Vilanova i la Geltrú, the Canet Rock, in Canet de Mar, and the Cruïlla, in Barcelona. All of them with the same epidemiological plan approved by the Generalitat: prior screening with antigen tests and, once inside, the use of a mask. The Jove Camp, scheduled for next weekend, announced its cancellation this Saturday.

Argimon has acknowledged that he is not in favor of “very crowded festivals taking place again in the coming weeks.” The counselor has affirmed that despite what he considers a good organization, there have been images that they have not liked at all. “When the Procicat (the committee that manages the pandemic in Catalonia]authorizes the festivals, it does so based on two studies: the Apollo and the Sant Jordi, but a clinical trial is one thing and one when you take it to real life” In this sense, he stated that at four or five in the morning it is more difficult to keep the mask at 100%, something much more risky in a situation with the proliferation of the Delta variant.

Cabezas expressed himself in very similar terms: “We have seen some images of the festivals that we did not like. It is true that they have been approved by the Procicat, which is the committee that regulates these things. They have had a plan that does not include only antigens but also the use of a mask, that they are outdoors… ”. “When they are approved, they have a specific plan well done but the incidence was a certain one, what happens is that at four in the morning and if you have had a beer, the plan is not completed,” he said.