Friday, December 3

Catalunya prepares a law to regulate the rent of rooms or ‘coworkings’

Catalonia is preparing a new law of its own to regulate the rental of both regular homes and commercial premises as well as other forms of leasing, such as rooms or market news such as ‘coworking’ spaces and premises. The Government has approved this Tuesday the preliminary memory of the new draft law, which must still face its parliamentary process.

The intention of the Government is to incorporate the new regulations into the sixth book of the Civil Code of Catalonia to provide the community with a “complete and complete regulation of the leases of goods and their main contractual modalities”, as reported by the Executive.

The new norm, promoted by the Ministry of Justice, will regulate habitual residences, shared homes, rooms, second or seasonal residences, commercial premises and coworking spaces. With this, the Government intends to “encourage” the rental offer, once both the lack of regular residence leases and the “scarce” social rental offer have been verified.

The text approved by the Catalan Executive wants to reinforce the guarantees of all the parties involved and have the rental market “more secure, stable and socially more equitable”, without changing the price limitation approved a year ago and that is being appealed to the Constitutional Court: the Government has indicated that contracts must refer to the income containment regime.

The preliminary report processed this Tuesday foresees giving a differentiated treatment to the tenant according to whether the owner is a natural or legal person, incorporating the urban ‘masovería’ and regulating the right of first refusal and withdrawal stipulated in the contract. A rule is also incorporated to try to guarantee equity between the parties when the tenant finds himself, due to a situation that has occurred or in a position of inferiority with respect to the tenant. This is the case, for example, of businesses that were unable to meet rental expenses due to the restrictions decreed by the COVID-10 pandemic.

The text also wants to regulate the leasing of business premises given the “lack” of current regulation, since the Government believes that it does not take into account the singularities of formulas such as ‘coworking’. The future law plans to include the inclusion of the consumer lease in order to deal with the problems of imbalance between the parties when the person who rents is a real estate company and the tenant is an individual.

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