Saturday, March 25

Cate Blanchett receives the first international Goya: “Buñuel changed how I saw the world”

Australian actress Cate Blanchett received this Saturday the first International Goya awarded by the Film Academy. “When I was in high school I saw Buñuel and that changed how I saw the world,” she said from the stage of the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, where she received the award from Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz.

Blanchett has made a declaration of love for Spanish cinema, but also for Almodóvar and Cruz, whom she has compared to some of the great couples of film creators, such as Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes, and Katharine Hepburn and George Cukor. “They are a legendary couple, for me it is an honor. They are an inspiration,” said the Australian before wishing Penelope Cruz luck at the Oscars, for which she is nominated in the category of best actress for ‘Parallel Mother’, by Pedro Almodovar.

“We can’t even begin to talk about Pedro, when I was in high school I saw the work of (Luis) Buñuel and that completely changed how I saw the world; since then I have been attracted to the visual language of Spanish cinema”, the artist has declared. , who will soon work with the director from La Mancha on his adaptation of Lucía Berlin’s book ‘Manual for cleaning women’, in what will be his first film in English.

“She has a talent that is disgusting,” the actress joked about Almodóvar, who for her is “an artisan.” “Working with the brain is also part of that craft, if you combine head, heart and hands you are an artist, and Pedro is,” he said, while pointing out the “enormous luck” he has had in his career by being able to work with directors such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese or Todd Haynes, to whom the Spaniard now joins, has been a celebration.

Before, Almodóvar had presented her as: “a wonderful actress whom I adore. I hope to fulfill the dream of shooting with her.” Cruz warned the public that “the great Cate Blanchett” was arriving, who was received with the audience on their feet and she giving thanks in Spanish. “But that’s all I know in Spanish,” the actress has apologized, joking with the possibility of “improving her level” when she starts shooting “Manual for cleaning women.”

Blanchet thanked the Spanish Film Academy and added her wish to “pay tribute to the world of Spanish cinema” for having fought in these difficult months of the pandemic. “I feel very proud of what we have created at an international level, it has been working with a very deep uncertainty to encourage “everyone to accept uncertainty and return to movie sauces, let us accept that the world has gray areas, like every human being”, and concluded with a “good night, Spain”, in Spanish.