Thursday, July 29

2022 elections

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Trump aides laughed off a rumor that he would run for the House in 2022 because it’s a’real job’ that requires actual work, book says

Donald Trump's aides laughed off the idea that he's running for House Speaker in 2022, a new book says. They considered it a "real job" that requires "actual work," according to Michael Wolff. Trump himself said in June it was unlikely he'd run for office in the 2022 midterms. See more stories on Insider's business page. Aides working for former President Donald Trump laughed off rumors that he would run for a House of Representatives seat in 2022 and lead the impeachment of President Joe Biden, according to a new book, saying it was a "real job" that required "actual work ."The suggestion that Trump wins a seat in the House first ...
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A Trump-loving insurrectionist and a convicted stalker are among 36 QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2022

At least 36 QAnon-supporting candidates intend to run for Congress in 2022, Media Matters said. Some of the candidates are diehard QAnon fans, while others signal their support subtly. Experts told Insider that this shows how QAnon has evolved into a major political force. See more stories on Insider's business page. In July 2020, JR Majewski made national headlines after transforming his 19,000-square-foot lawn into a massive Trump re-election banner. When the Air Force veteran from Ohio appeared in a television interview with Fox News, he was wearing a QAnon T-shirt.Several months later, as Congress met to certify President Joe B...