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Amsterdam inaugurates the first 3D printed steel bridge | Digital Trends Spanish

Amsterdam has just opened the world's first 3D printed steel bridge. The surprising structure will also serve as a laboratory for this type of technology, as it will deliver information on its structural integrity and crowd behavior through sensors. The construction of the bridge was led by the Netherlands company, MX3D, and is signed by Imperial College London. The structure is 12 meters long, weighs 4,500 kilos and behind its construction are four industrial robots and six months of printing. All the work took four years for the researchers. Thea van den HeuvelThe bridge was transported last week to its final location on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam and is now open to pedestrians and cyclists. In fact, it was inaugurated by a robot this Thursday, July 15. The open...
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This planetarium with 10K technology was a war bunker | Digital Trends Spanish

The historical memory center La Coupole Planetarium, a former World War II bunker, announced that its planetarium will offer visitors the possibility of traveling through the universe through a 360-degree environment thanks to Sony's VPL-GTZ380 resolution projectors. Thus, the venue becomes the world's first 3D 10K planetarium. La Coupole is a huge bunker complex near Saint Omer in France that was built by the Nazis to launch V-2 rockets aimed at London during World War II. Now a new digital system has been installed in the museum's planetarium and RSA Cosmos has taken it upon themselves to improve the quality of the 3D immersive experience. From the enclosure they assure that it is the first in the world to offer 10K 3D images in the meridian. Thus, visitors are promised "ultra-realis...
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Create 3D version of Among Us available for VR | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite its apparent simplicity, Among Us has become one of the video games of the moment. Although the InnerSloth proposal appeared in 2018, it was only this year that the game reached great popularity. The number of followers is so great that some of them have taken the trouble to create adaptations and other types of versions. This is the case of a virtual reality developer known as Jar who has created an original three-dimensional version, which offers users the possibility of a more “tangible” view of the story that identifies the game. Its playable and multiplayer version has been well received by fans of the installment, especially for the possibilities it offers and that includes all the tasks and missions of the game, as well as the astronaut avatars that now finally look...
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They create a great 3D version of the intro of The Thundercats | Digital Trends Spanish

It was on January 23, 1985 when cartoons began to generate an unusual cult among children: The Thundercats. A group of felines from the planet Thundera that from one day to the next are attacked by a group of aliens who want to destroy their tranquility. Led by León-O, the felines travel to the Third Planet. There they fight against the evil Mumm-Ra. In the troop there are also the mythical Chitara, Pantro, Tiger, boys Feline and Feline, and Snarf. The truth is that its introduction is one of the most remembered for those who are now around 40 years old and who saw the program in childhood, that is why it is striking that a 3D expert called mike booth, retouch the beginning of the show with animation in three dimensions. "The Thundercats They have been a love of mine...
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Surprise! the ‘sperm’ swims like otters, not like eels | Digital Trends Spanish

More than three hundred years have passed since Antonie van Leeuwenhoek - known as 'father of microbiology' - decided to put his own ejaculation under the microscope to discover now living forms swimming like eels. At that time a foundation was laid that has remained among us to this day: sperm move like eels or snakes in semen. However, a new study has confirmed that these cells have a very different movement pattern: they swim like otters. He study published in Science Advances has analyzed the movement of sperm using 3D microscopes instead of conventional 2D that have been used to date for analysis. Detailed analysis of the images has shown that these cells have deceived the entire world during all this time: instead of moving by moving their long tails, as previ...