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A14 Bionic

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iPhone 13: everything we know so far | Digital Trends Spanish

The arrival of the iPhone 13 is getting closer, and more and more rumors and reports have emerged. In fact, images and prototypes are already circulating that show what the new Apple phone will be like. The iPhone 12 represented a big change in the series with its improvements in design and cameras, but if the rumors about the iPhone 13 are true, the new phone could be even more incredible. Here we gather everything we know so far about the iPhone 13. You will be interested in: IPhone 13 design The iPhone 12 series brought major design changes, taking inspiration from the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. Because of that, we don't expect as many changes to the overall design and appearance of the iPhone 13, but we could still see some tweaks. The most recent leaks on the iPhone 13 come from...