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Israel forces dog poop to be collected using DNA | Digital Trends Spanish

Tel Aviv will analyze the DNA of dog waste to fine owners who have not collected it from public places. The city has just approved the creation of a database that requires dog owners to submit the DNA data of their pets when renewing their possession authorization. According to the information collected by the municipality, an average of about 500 kilos of dog feces per month is not collected by the owners. Thus, the person who has not cleaned up their dog's poop will receive the fine by mail and will be charged the cost of collecting the sample. If the DNA sample is not provided, the pet owner will not have the license renewed. The validity of the documents will expire within six months after the entry into force of this new standard. Getty Images.“Everyone who walks down the city str...
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Leonardo da Vinci: DNA study reveals 14 living relatives | Digital Trends Spanish

Extensive research, published in the journal Human evolution, documents the continuous male line, from father to son, of the Da Vinci family (later Vinci), from the progenitor Michele (born 1331), his grandson Leonardo (1452) to the present day. In total there are 21 generations, including five family branches. This work, carried out by researchers Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato, corrects errors in previous genealogical research on the family of the genius inventor, while offering new discoveries and updates on his family tree. Leonardo Da Vinci had no children, but he did have 22 half-siblings born out of wedlock. This tree spans five generations and more than 690 years of history. The team managed to document a continuous male streak that spans 21 generations and currently comp...
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Genetically modified babies? Scientists pronounce | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui shocked the world by creating the first gene-edited babies in history. At the end of this note, the former professor at the University of Science and Technology of the South (Shenzhen) is serving a sentence of three year prison for violating local regulations. "The nature of their behavior is serious and has constituted the crime of illegal medical practice," determined the Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Court. Two years after such a noisy case, an international panel of experts has established its position and made it available to the scientific community and civil society. Through a report that disclosed Associated Press, specialists indicated that "science is not advanced enough to guarantee the safety" of the procedure. Wayn...
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Cambridge Announces Clinical Trials of Its Needle-Free Vaccine | Digital Trends Spanish

After receiving $ 1.9 million British pounds ($ 2.5 million) from the British government, the University of Cambridge announced clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine, dubbed DIOS-CoVax2. This development has the particularity that it is painless, since it will not take up needles and will be administered on the patient's skin, he assures Sky News. The creation of this vaccine has involved looking at the genetic sequences of all known coronaviruses, including those found in bats, natural hosts of many relatives of human coronaviruses. Through this process, the Cambridge scientists seek to hone the immune response, which could help prevent adverse effects of the vaccine, such as hyperinflammation. The research team has used 3D computer models to analyze the structure...
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DNA of an unknown ancestor found in humans | Digital Trends Spanish

Modern humans carry genetic material from an ancient and unknown relative in their bodies, revealed research from Cornell University and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. “The new findings confirm previously reported cases of gene flow between ancient humans and their relatives, and also point to new cases of interbreeding. Given the number of such events, experts believe that genetic exchange was likely even when between two overlapping groups in time and space, "he reported. ScienceDaily. The conclusions came from the application of a new algorithm that allowed the sequencing of two Neanderthals, two African humans and a lesser-known ancient group, the Denisovans. Thanks to the tool, small remnants of genes that were passed between individuals hundreds of thousands...