Tuesday, September 28

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Japanese grandparents will have a robot granddaughter to accompany them | Digital Trends Spanish

Among the people most affected by COVID-19 are older adults, not only because they can contract the disease, but because of the isolation caused by quarantines. With the pandemic, it has been difficult for them to communicate or see their loved ones. For that reason, the Japanese company Takara tomy developed a doll with artificial intelligence (AI). Her name is Ami-Chan and she aims to keep older adults active and accompanied with conversations and multiple functions. The doll has a facial recognition chip to identify people and, with its artificial intelligence, it is able to develop a personality and vary its reactions and dialogues depending on the contact it has with it. Also, Ami-Chan integrates a calendar, so you can have conversations according to the season or time of year y...
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Electrical storms can aggravate the health of adults | Digital Trends Spanish

Horror or suspense movie images are generally accompanied by dark, cloudy days with thunderstorms, the perfect cliché to generate fear. The truth is that in the United States they did study something that can cause fright, especially in older adults, since they found a correlation between these phenomena and worsening in health conditions. In this investigation, published this monday, august 10 In JAMA Internal Medicine, the authors wanted to get a deeper idea of ​​the possible connection between thunderstorms and the general condition of the body. They were able to collect weather data on all the thunderstorms recorded in the US. UU ebetween January 1999 and December 2012 from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and lThen they matched th...