Thursday, September 16


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A crocodile attacks and destroys a drone that was recording it | Digital Trends Spanish

Humans find another way to annoy animals and not leave them alone in their natural habitat. A group of tourists went to the wetlands in southern Florida, in the Everglades National Park to film the crocodiles that live in that place up close with a drone. The problem is that, without thinking about the tranquility of this species, they got very close to a specimen that was resting peacefully in the water. At one point, people got very close to the DJI Spark drone and the crocodile did not hesitate to perform a spectacular jump and capture the device in the air. Reference image. Getty Images.After this, he proceeded to bite him violently, destroying him. In the video it is not possible to see if the reptile ate the aircraft, what is appreciated is that the drone was totally destroyed. ...
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Can a drone save your life in cardiac arrest? | Digital Trends Spanish

Drones are becoming more and more useful. Some time ago they stopped being a device that entertained aviation fans and now they can be of help in different areas. Now, according to a study carried out in Sweden, these unmanned aircraft can be very useful in emergency situations. According to research from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, drones have a much faster response capacity than a traditional ambulance. Researchers have studied whether drones can be used to deliver defibrillators to victims and their companions before ambulances arrive. The scientists even conducted a clinical trial equipping three drones with an automated external defibrillator (AED) in controlled airspace in Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg. When an emergency call was made to the 112 number du...