Friday, July 30

agua potable

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Can a touch screen detect toxins in water? | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a new scientific study, the touch screen of a smartphone can be used to analyze drinking water and other liquids. A group of researchers from the University of Cambridge demonstrated how a standard touch screen can be used to identify common ionic contaminants in soil or drinking water by dropping liquid samples onto the screen. According to the scientists, the sensitivity of the touch screen sensor is comparable to that of typical equipment used in laboratories, which would make it useful in resource-poor environments. Those in charge of the study found that the liquids produced a measurable change in capacitance, which is the property that bodies have to maintain an electrical charge. In addition, each liquid had its own signature, which was based on the concentration and...
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They make sea water drinkable with sunlight and in just 30 minutes | Digital Trends Spanish

In less than 30 minutes and using metallorganic structures (MOFs) and sunlight, a global research team managed to make seawater and brackish water drinkable. The specialists not only filtered out harmful particles and generated 139.5 liters of clean water per kilogram of MOF per day, but they also performed this task in a more efficient way than current desalination techniques. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), good quality drinking water it should have a total dissolved solid (TDS) of