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SAS Scandinavian Airlines is deploying its brand-new jet to the US to take flyers to a reopening Europe and beyond — see inside
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SAS Scandinavian Airlines is deploying its brand-new jet to the US to take flyers to a reopening Europe and beyond — see inside

SAS first took delivery of this aircraft in February 2020 but most flyers didn't have the chance to experience the aircraft. This summer, however, will see the US cities of Newark, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago receive the aircraft with service to Oslo, Norway, and Copenhagen, Denmark. ...
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United says that ‘100%’ of customers will be able to bring carry-on bags as part of its massive fleet upgrades

United Airlines' new aircraft interiors will have larger overhead bins that it says can accommodate every passenger's carry-on. As many as six bags can fit in the new overhead bins when placed on their sides. Gate-checking bags would be eliminated and flyers wouldn't need to crowd the gate before a flight. See more stories on Insider's business page. United Airlines plans to gut the interiors of its narrow-body Boeing and Airbus planes as part of a multi-year fleet revitalization program. Upgrades to the cabin will include installing seat-back in-flight entertainment screens, in-seat power at every seat , and LED mood lighting. On...
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World’s First Commercial Flight Powered by Hydrogen | Digital Trends Spanish

Aircraft manufacturing company ZeroAvia successfully conducted the world's first commercial hydrogen-powered flight. It is a Piper M class six-seater aircraft, which took off from Bedfordshire in England. According to an article published in Sky News, the only thing it emits is water vapor. The British firm aims to make hydrogen planes commercially available in three years, which would mean great news for caring for the environment and a true "green" revolution in the aeronautical industry. Sky News “What we are doing is replacing fossil fuel engines with hydrogen electric motors. We also have an established fuel infrastructure that ensures the production of zero emissions of hydrogen itself, ”ZeroAvia founder and CEO Val Miftakhov told Sky News. The company also repo...
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Airbus bets on hydrogen for its zero-emission aircraft | Digital Trends Spanish

The year 2035 is the goal set by the French aeronautical manufacturer Airbus to launch the world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft. And this Monday, September 21, the company revealed three conceptual models that will serve as a roadmap to reach the expected final plane. Each represents a different approach and explores different technology pathways and aerodynamic configurations to support the company's ambition to lead the way in decarbonizing the aviation industry. They all have hydrogen as their source of energy, an option that Airbus considers an "exceptional and clean fuel". He sees it as a solution for the "aerospace industry and many other industries to meet their climate neutral objectives," he highlights in a release. “This is a historic moment for the commercial...
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Airbus will build the first spacecraft to bring cargo from Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

While much of the planet is preparing to observe the launch of the Perseverance rover to Mars on Thursday, July 30, the French Airbus is working on the construction of a spacecraft that will bring the first Martian rock samples to Earth. Once it reaches the red planet on February 18, 2021, the Perseverance will extract samples and leave them on the surface of Mars in small metal tubes. It is precisely these samples that the orbiter built by Airbus, called Earth Return Orbiter (ERO), will bring home, according to the website of the BBC. "I like to call the satellite to be built by Airbus 'the first interplanetary cargo ship.' Because that's what it will do. It is designed to carry cargo between Mars and Earth, "David Parker, director of human exploration and robotics a...