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aire acondicionado

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Technology allows to cool environments without electricity | Digital Trends Spanish

Our planet dries up quickly and the global temperature increases every year, a situation that has motivated the use of refrigeration systems in homes but which are not always the most respectful of the environment. That is why the innovative method developed by the company SkyCool Systems is striking, which consists of a new cooling technology that radiates heat through the atmosphere, reducing the temperature of the nearby air by about 12 degrees Celsius. Thus, this method of cooling does not use electricity, which is relevant, since it is estimated that about 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated by refrigeration systems in homes and in transport. These radiant panels developed by SkyCool are capable of absorbing all the heat generated by the Sun and, instead of r...
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The best portable air conditioner you will find in this list | Digital Trends Spanish

When it's hot outside, opening the window won't help you at all; it will only get hotter, especially if you are in an area with high humidity. In these types of situations, a portable air conditioner is a refreshing solution. We have tested an extensive number of household products and created this guide where you will find the best portable air conditioner for your needs - take a look and don't suffer this summer. You will be interested in: Black & Decker AC / heater Versatile and powerful, this Black and Decker model can cool an area up to 350 square feet with a vertical flow of cool air. You can also switch it to heating mode in winter, with options up to 14,000 BTUs to ensure the environment stays warm. It also purifies the air with an included filter and dehumidifier that hel...
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This super white paint is able to cool everything down | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most common ways to cool rooms and entire buildings is through air conditioning. It is the most comfortable and practical way, although not the healthiest for our planet. For this reason, a group of engineers from Purdue University in the United States has created a method of keeping different structures fresh in an easier and more sustainable way. It is a "super white" paint that can keep all surfaces cool, specifically down to -7.8 degrees Celsius, regardless of the high temperatures that may be outside. According to the authors, this type of dye can also reflect 95.5% of sunlight and efficiently radiates infrared heat. The good news is that this insulating effect would be done without consuming energy, which constitutes a real relief for the planet, even helping to sl...