Thursday, July 29


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A Delta pilot is reportedly suing the airline for $1 billion after accusing them of stealing the idea for an app he developed

A Delta pilot is reportedly accusing his employer of stealing his app idea and suing for $1 billion. He spent $100,000 on building the app, which he pitched to Delta, Bloomberg reported. Delta turned down his idea, but then launched an identical app, he reportedly said in the suit. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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A Hawaii mayor is asking airlines to’pause’ flights as travelers invade the islands

Maui County mayor Michael Victorino asked airlines for a "pause." Hawaii has seen a massive boom of tourists as people begin to travel again. Locals and businesses aren't fully prepared for this influx of visitors, Victorino's office told Hawaii News Now. See more stories on Insider's business page. "Revenge vacation" season is now moving full speed ahead, and while many travelers are racing to book a trip after a year of being stuck at home, the mayor of one tropical island is asking airlines to slow down: Maui, Hawaii."I have been talking with different airlines and… we're asking for just a pause, if you want to use that term," M...
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Southwest Airlines flight leaves 4 people hospitalized after the plane encountered turbulence over Utah

Four people were hospitalized after experiencing turbulence on a Southwest flight. Three flight attendants and a customer were treated for minor injuries, a spokesperson told Insider. The spokesperson said that its initial reports indicated the landing was "uneventful." See more stories on Insider's business page. LoadingSomething is loading. ...