Tuesday, September 28

Alan Wake

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Alan Wake Remastered Announced for Xbox, PC and PlayStation | Digital Trends Spanish

Alan Wake, the acclaimed psychological thriller game by Remedy Entertainment, was released eleven years ago as an Xbox 360 exclusive and is considered a cult game by now. Now, Sam Lake, the game director, has announced that Alan Wake It will be relaunched in the coming months with a remastered version. The remastering will come with 4K resolution, game expansions, and director commentary. This new version also means that the game will be coming to PlayStation platforms for the first time. "The game's scenes, flamboyant cast of characters, and majestic views of the Pacific Northwest have been enhanced to achieve a visual impact that matches its puzzling atmosphere," says the release. Alan Wake Remastered is run by Epic Games and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Se...