Tuesday, September 28

alarmas despertador

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How to set all types of alarms in Alexa | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon's voice assistant has an impressive set of capabilities and features to help you manage your time and properly organize your tasks. Whether you want to set a reminder at sunset or prefer to wake up to certain music or news. We will go over all the types of alarms in Alexa, events and routines that you can configure in the easiest way. You will be interested in: Set an alarm that sounds once This is one of the simplest Alexa commands with which you can set an alarm whenever you want, at any specific time. Just say “Alexa, set an alarm for [hora]». Remember to be specific about whether you want the alarm to be for am or pm, or Alexa will choose the closest time by default. If you are not so concerned about setting an alarm for a specific time on the clock, but you want one for a...