Thursday, July 29


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Russian humanoid robot is made for office work | Digital Trends Spanish

In Russia, they created a robot to do office work. His name is Alex, and he's been featured recently at a convention, where he drew attention for his gestures that simulate a human, but definitely don't look all that human. Alex is a product of Promobot, a Russian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of robots. Alex's job will be that of a bureaucratic assistant, as in addition to filling out and scanning forms, he will also print documents and deliver information on some topics to those who ask. У России новый киборг - человекоподобный робот Алекc. Он будет заполнять документы и жить в крошечной хрущёвке. Слепки для его лица снимали с живого работника МФЦ. У нас два союзника - робот Фёдор и киборг Алекс & mdash; Лента.ру (@lentaruofficial) Ju...