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How to free up storage space on WhatsApp | Digital Trends Spanish

Do your WhatsApp contacts usually send you memes and videos? Then, it is possible that without realizing it the multimedia files are occupying an important part of the capacity of your mobile device. If you know how to free up storage space on WhatsApp, you can verify it on your own. You will be interested in: If the capacity of your device reaches very low levels, it is possible that the messaging application does not work correctly, so sometimes even WhatsApp itself may ask you to free up storage. However, if you do not want to reach that scenario, we will explain how to verify the space that WhatsApp and multimedia files occupy on your device. How to check storage in WhatsApp If you need to check how much space WhatsApp, the multimedia elements and even each of the chats occupy, y...
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A Tesla battery storage catches fire in Australia | Digital Trends Spanish

A 13-ton Tesla Megapack caught fire Friday morning at a battery facility in Geelong, in the state of Victoria, Australia. According to local sources, the fire occurred around 10 in the morning and specialized fire department personnel had to attend. JUST IN: Fire crews are currently on the scene of a battery fire at Moorabool, near Geelong. Firefighters are working to contain the fire and stop it spreading to the nearby batteries. # 7NEWS & mdash; 7NEWS Melbourne (@ 7NewsMelbourne) July 30, 2021 According to an article by Engadget, the emergency teams had to occupy a special apparatus for hazardous materials designed for the spill of dangerous chemical substances, in addition to drones to carry out atmospheric surveillance. Fortunate...
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WhatsApp allows you to quickly delete repeated files | Digital Trends Spanish

It is possible that our phone has hundreds of images and GIFs that we have stored without realizing it, through our conversations on WhatsApp. It's normal, considering that we all like to have the latest trendy meme, the problem is that these files pile up and end up taking up (a lot) of space. Aware of this problem, WhatsApp has launched a function that allows you to delete content in a more practical and simple way. What is the function In the past, to delete multimedia files we had to select each one individually. Now, the application groups the heaviest ones that have been forwarded several times. In this way, we can permanently delete them more easily. Because, let's face it, it's very common to have the same GIF multiple times without even realizing it. Nor will it be nece...
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Google will offer a free VPN: so you can get it | Digital Trends Spanish

This year, with more people connecting to the internet from their homes for work purposes, VPNs have become very popular. Today more than ever people have become aware of the need to strengthen security while browsing the Internet and VPNs or Virtual Private Networks have become a useful tool for that purpose. For this reason, from Google they have announced that they will offer a free VPN for their customers who have a Google One account, specifically for those who have the $ 9.99 plan and that allows access to 2TB of cloud storage. At the moment, this free VPN will be available only in the United States, although it will also be available in other regions soon. At the same time, although initially this VPN will be implemented only on Android devices, it should later be available ...
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WhatsApp will release a tool for the use of storage | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the things that make both WhatsApp and the phone extremely slow is the amount of data used on the device and that is stored in memory. To help simplify the process of cleaning and ordering those files that reach the cell phone through the messaging application, a new tool will be released in the coming days. The specialized site WaBetainfo It indicates what these additions will be and also the renewed interface with which users will be able to interact. The first addition has a storage bar, useful to understand the portion of space that WhatsApp and all its attached media occupy. The second section helps to review all shared files, in order to remove unnecessary media, in order to free up space. Here we can see large and forwarded files and they can also be ord...
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Do you know everything that Google Photos can do with your images? We will tell you!

Since its launch in 2015, Google Photos has been one of the most popular cloud photo storage and backup apps for both iOS and Android, offering not only a historical archive and immediate backup of every shot you take. , but also the ability to immediately free up space on your phone. For this reason, knowing well some of the best tricks to take advantage of Google Photos will be essential. If you have a Google account it will be free, unless your images exceed 16MP resolutions. It also stores HD videos up to 1080p and is compatible with Apple Live Photos. You have the option to make a payment to store high-resolution photos that are larger than 16MP (upon reaching Google Drive's 15GB storage limit), although most photos taken with phones weigh less than that. Google Photos als...