Monday, September 27

Andrew Cuomo

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Charlotte Bennett blasts NY Assembly over taking’the coward’s way out’ in dropping Cuomo impeachment

Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett put the NY Assembly on blast for dropping its impeachment inquiry. Once Cuomo leaves office, impeachment becomes constitutionally void. However, nothing was stopping lawmakers from making their findings public. LoadingSomething is loading. New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was the subject of a scathing statement from Cuomo accuser Charlot...
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CNN has forbidden Chris Cuomo from talking about his brother on air, colleague says

CNN has an "optics problem" with Chris Cuomo and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, its media correspondent said. Brian Stelter said host Chris Cuomo has been told not to talk about his brother on air. Gov. Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment, and Chris Cuomo advised his response earlier this year. LoadingSomething is loading. CNN has told its star host Chris Cuomo that he can't talk abou...
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The controversy over Ben & Jerry’s move to stop selling ice cream in occupied Palestinian territory

Ben and Jerry's has been facing bipartisan backlash this week over a recent corporate decision. The company won't sell its ice cream in Palestinian territory occupied by Israeli forces. Both Democrats and Republicans have come out against the move, reviving backlash against BDS. LoadingSomething is loading. Ben & Jerry's announcement on Monday ...
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New York’s state of emergency is ending as COVID-19 cases continue to fall, Cuomo announces

New York's state of emergency is set to end on June 24, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced. The state of emergency lasted for over a year, often overriding county and municipal governments. Cuomo will no longer be able to issue executive orders in areas normally reserved for the legislature. See more stories on Insider's business page. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state of emergency put in place at the start of the pandemic will expire the next day, June 24.Cuomo faced criticism from legislators only a few months after it went into effect over how he was using his broad reaching executive authority under the arr...