Monday, August 2

Android 12

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Android 13 will also have the name of a dessert | Digital Trends Spanish

Until a few years ago, Android versions were mostly called by their last names: Android Froyo, Android Oreo, Android Gingerbread, and so on. To this day, Android is simply Android 11 or 12, but that does not mean that the future Android 13 does not have the name of some kind of food (or dessert, specifically). And indeed, according to the discovery on the site of XDA Developers, Android 13 is Android Tiramisu. Although this is not confirmed by Google and it is simply a code name within the operating system code, the truth is that the new Android will certainly not be Android Tiramisu but simply Android 13. It should be noted that the surnames of Android reached version 9.0, also called Android Pie. Later, the operating system was renamed Android 10 and although many thought that this...
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Android 12 will let you play video games while they download | Digital Trends Spanish

A better internet connection may have made people more anxious, especially in the pandemic, and they are no longer willing to wait for a download. For them, the most anxious, good news. According an article from Engadget, Android 12 will stop playing a video game before it finishes downloading. Thus, according to Google, a title from the Play Store can be played in a matter of seconds. Specifically, it notes that games will be ready to open at least twice as fast as before. For example, a 127 MB game can be played with only 20 percent download. This recalls what was announced by Netflix a while ago, which also allows you to play partially downloaded series and movies. For now, developers can sign up for a beta for this feature, although the company points out that over time this mode...