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France’s millionaire fine to Google for copyright | Digital Trends Spanish

In accordance with Reuters, France's antitrust body imposed a $ 593 million fine on Google for failing to comply with the regulator's orders on how to conduct talks with the nation's news publishers in a copyright dispute. This fine comes amid increasing international pressure on online platforms, such as Google and Facebook, to share more revenue with the media. Thus, the technology company must present in the next two months proposals on how to compensate news agencies and other publishers for the use of its news. Google claimed to be very disappointed with the sanction, but would comply with it. “Our goal remains the same: we want to turn the page with a definitive agreement. We will take into account the comments of the French Competition Authority and adapt our offers ”, explained...
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Open investigation against Google for online advertising | Digital Trends Spanish

The European Commission launched an antitrust investigation against Google to determine whether the company violated European competition rules by favoring its own internet ad technology services, thus harming rival providers, advertisers and publishers. The commission will examine whether the technology company is distorting competition, by restricting third-party access to user data for advertising purposes, on web pages and mobile applications, thus reserving them for its own use, as indicated in a statement by the International organization. “Google collects data to use for advertising purposes, sells advertising space and acts as an intermediary in online advertising. So Google is present at almost every level of the supply chain for displaying ads on the Internet, "said Community...
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Amazon Faces Tough Antitrust Charges in European Union | Digital Trends Spanish

After two years of investigation, the Executive Commission of the European Union (EU) filed antitrust charges against Amazon on November 10. The e-commerce giant was accused of using the privileged access it has to the data of sellers who use its platform, to obtain unfair commercial advantages. The bloc's main antitrust agent opened a second investigation to find out whether Amazon favors product offerings that use its own logistics and delivery system. "Our concern is very specific business conduct that appears to distort genuine competition," said Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition. What are the charges According to the AP agency, EU officials focused on the dual role of the company as a market and a retailer. In addition to selling its own products, the U...
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Date set for Google’s response to historic lawsuit | Digital Trends Spanish

A US court has set the date on which Google must respond to the historic monopoly lawsuit filed against it by the US Department of Justice. The court that is analyzing the case established December 19 as the deadline for the company, owned by Alphabet Inc., to present its defense. The Justice Department lawsuit, which was also bowed to by the governors of 11 states, accuses Google of maintaining an "illegal monopoly" in the Internet search and advertising market. Google had described the accusation as "deeply flawed", and that people use its search engine "because they want to, not because they are obliged to do so or because they cannot find alternatives." Why the US is suing Google Unsplash According to the charges brought by the US authorities, the company has violated current l...
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Controversial statements by former Google executive | Digital Trends Spanish

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made controversial statements about people's attitudes on social media, which he called "amplifiers for idiots." During a conference organized by the Wall Street Journal, the businessman stated that "the context of social networks serving as amplifiers for idiots and crazy people is not what we intended." Schmidt, who is one of the people with the most Google shares, assured that the "excesses" that occur in social networks will cause greater regulation by the authorities in the coming years. "Unless the industry acts together in a really smart way, there will be regulation," he said according to an article by Bloomberg. Antitrust law In the same instance, the former executive took advantage of referring to the lawsuit by the United States government ...