Thursday, September 16

Apple Arcade

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Lego Star Wars Battles will come to Apple Arcade as an exclusive | Digital Trends Spanish

Lego Star Wars Battles is a mobile real-time strategy game that had been on the market for two years, until the game's servers shut down in July. After the closing, no more was heard of the game. However, TT Games Brighton and Warner Bros. Games announced this monday what Lego Star Wars Battles It will be relaunched and it will arrive exclusively at the Apple Arcade service. It is a title that was launched in beta in 2019. Everything was going well, but in May of this year the players received a sad message. This said that the game would close its servers and that they had until July 1, 2020 to spend all the money they had within it. After the game closed, both the media and the players of Lego Star Wars Battles they thought it had been canceled. But now we know that it will come to ...
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Legends of Kingdom Rush: Tactical Action for Apple Arcade | Digital Trends Spanish

On June 11 it premiered on Apple Arcade Legends of Kingdom Rush, a new entry in a franchise that already has several titles to its credit. However, this edition seems bigger and more ambitious than the previous ones, with a feeling game that its designers believe is one of its differentiating factors. About the latter we spoke with Álvaro Azofra, co-founder of the Uruguayan studio Ironhide Game Studio. The history of Ironhide began a decade ago with the creation of games for the now obsolete Flash technology and since then, some water has run under the bridge: after a few games under its belt, Legends of Kingdom Rush makes its debut on a subscription service like Apple's. "The first Kingdom rush it was a free game for web portals ”, Álvaro explains. And the monetization of Flash game...
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Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is now on Apple Arcade | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple Arcade, the Cupertino gaming platform announced that Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, a game based on the hit HBO series, is now available. The creators are indie developer That Silly Studio (SPACEPLAN) and Devolver Digital (Reigns: Game of Thrones). Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, is a real-time, narrative-driven game that explores the 8,000-year history of the Night's Watch and its endless vigil atop the Wall, the colossal fortification that separates the Seven Kingdoms from the threats from beyond. This before Jon Snow took over the leadership of the Guardian group. Players record their own stories in the annals of Lord Commanders and his sworn brethren for centuries, as they support actions, defenses and recruits in Castle Black, sending various groups to sail...