Sunday, September 19

Apple Beats by Dre

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Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: which ones are better? | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Galaxy Buds 2 completely outperform traditional AirPods, but what about the new Beats Studio Buds? Both are priced the same at $ 149 and come with ear cushions that fit your ears, so they seem to have a lot of similarities. Beats is generally associated with Apple, as the company bought the emporium built by rapper Dr. Dre a few years ago. But nevertheless, andThese headphones are also compatible with Android cell phones and even have an application like Samsung's for their configuration, so this will be a very even comparison. Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: design The new Galaxy Buds 2 come in a square box like the Galaxy Buds Live, but their design is more traditional, with pads to allow us to more naturally isolate the outside sound, in addition to offering a first...