Friday, July 30

Apple iMac

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iMac Pro 2021: everything we know so far | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple has well defined its market niches and the target user to whom all the equipment it designs is directed. At the high end of all its lines are the Pro versions, from cell phones, tablets, laptops and, of course, desktop computers. As for the latter, the iMac was completely revamped earlier this year, the company only revealed the smaller 24-inch version. That left a very obvious question hanging in the air: will there be a iMac Pro 2021 in the future to replace the current 27-inch size? You will be interested in: It could be that Apple decides to leave the iMac Pro dead and buried and instead offer a more powerful all-in-one just under the iMac name. But, considering Apple's other product lines, a Pro version that offers a higher level of performance than the 24-inch iMac makes...