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Apple iPhone

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How to use Find My, the app to locate your phone, friends and more | Digital Trends Spanish

You may not have borrowed much on this feature on your Apple phone, but there might come a time when knowing how to use Find My will prove invaluable in finding devices you can't find (and it helps you locate your friends, too!). You will be interested in: Here's how to use Find My Start Settings and select your Apple ID. Choose Findy My and open it. To view your device when it's offline, enable the Offline Search. To have your device's location sent to Apple when the battery is low, turn on Send last location. If your Apple Watch and AirPods are paired with your device, they are automatically configured when you enable Find My. How to find your iPhone or other Apple device The main objective of Find My is to help locate the iPhone, iPad and watches that you have lost, misplaced or st...
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What to do when your iPhone doesn’t appear in iTunes | Digital Trends Spanish

Just when you are about to make a backup, your iPhone does not appear in iTunes. If you've already tried the obvious and it's still not recognized, read on. We have made this guide with the six most common reasons (and its possible solutions) so you can connect your cell phone to your computer and do what you need to do. We will explain how to proceed in such cases, covering the six most useful solutions. Usually the problem can be solved by simple reboots or updates, but sometimes you may need to buy a new cable or even - hopefully not - contact Apple Support. What to do when your iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes Try a different USB cable or USB port The simplest thing you can do when your iPhone isn't showing up in iTunes is to try another cable and another USB port on your co...
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Some good tips to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders

The idea of ​​someone breaking into your phone causes almost as much fear as the possibility that they will break into your home; maybe worse. We are talking about an invasion of your privacy, a violation of your personal space. Not only does your cell phone hold many important things, it will also tell hackers which ones are the most valuable. To keep your phone and its contents away from prying eyes, you must develop a strategy to protect your information. We share some tips on how to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders. Update your operating system and applications Companies are constantly updating their software, but they are not just doing it for aesthetic reasons. Many updates include bug fixes and security enhan...
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It did not last a day: iOS 14 has its first flaws | Digital Trends Spanish

Less than 24 hours after its launch, the first problems began to be reported in the first public version of iOS 14, Apple's operating system for iPhones. One of the flaws is linked to the possibility of choosing an email application or a browser other than those offered by Apple by default. According to the site9to5Mac, the problem causes the default settings of the browser or mail application to reset to Safari or Mail when the device is restarted. For example, if a user chooses Mozilla or Chrome as their default browser, each time they click on a link, the website will open in the application of their choice. However, when it is necessary to restart the device - due to battery depletion, for example - everything will return to the factory settings, that is, with Safar...
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iPhone 12 will be powered for night photography | Digital Trends Spanish

In the run-up to the launch of the 2020 range of iPhone, rumors about the novelties of Apple phones do not stop. The filter Jon prosser again he has run tasty details that the team could bring, specifically about the functions of his camera. After claiming to have seen images of a pre-production iPhone 12 Pro Max unit in action, he assured via Twitter that Apple will offer a handful of new tools that take advantage of updated hardware. One of them is called "Enhanced Night Mode", which appears to be an advanced version of the night mode that Apple offers in current iPhones, according to Digital trends. "Based on the setup menu screenshots, the functionality will allow for long exposure times, which essentially means that the camera sensor will stay open longer to captur...