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The free words, PlayStation 5 and Apple TV + come together | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have a PlayStation 5, then this may interest you: Sony and Apple have partnered to deliver six free months of Apple TV + to all users of the next generation console. Offer is available for one year, until July 22, 2022, so those interested still have time to decide. The requirements to take advantage of the offer are simple and you only have to have a PlayStation Network account -which all owners of a console have almost by default- and an Apple ID account, which is quite simple to create (and also free). There are a couple of extra things to consider. One is that existing Apple TV + users can also redeem their six months for free, as the offer isn't limited to just new users. On the other hand, and although Apple TV + has an application on PS4 and PS5, the offer is only for u...
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College students can save big on streaming services — check out deals from Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount Plus, and more

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.While living in a shared dorm room my freshman year of college, I started regularly watching late-night movies on my laptop with a good pair of headphones. Living on a tight budget, I could only afford to choose one streaming service and would sometimes switch between different options month to month.Student discounts weren't as common then, but times have changed over the last few years, and students on a budget now have the option to take advantage of many deals to help ease the burden of paying for multiple subscriptions. If you plan out your spending and snag the right discounts, you can now enjoy several streaming services without breaking the bank. ...
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All streaming services available in Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

Video-on-demand options are not lacking in the country, so much so that the consultancy The Competitive Intelligence has more than 30, with Netflix at the helm. And because we know that it is impossible - or, at least, very difficult - that someone can pay for all, this article aims to show the best services of streaming available in Mexico. It is not a definitive list, of course. With the intention that anyone find the platform that best meets their entertainment needs, it will be updated later. For now, it goes from the proposal of the company from Los Gatos, California, to Funimation. Today, Abbas Kiarostami's birthday, we invite you to see & # 39; True copy & # 39 ;. Starring Juliette Binoche and William Shimell, this film takes a journey not only through the streets of Italy b...
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Goodbye to the free year of Apple TV +: now you will only have three months | Digital Trends Spanish

Those who bought a new Apple device were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a free one year of Apple TV +, the service of streaming of the company. However, it appears that this has changed dramatically. According to a Vulture report, Apple quietly updated the terms of the offer, and starting June 30, new users will not get a year of free service, but will only get three months. Apple's website still says you can get "one year free when you buy an Apple device," but adds that the purchase must be made before June 30. In the fine print, it clarifies that eligible devices activated on July 1, 2021 or later will only be eligible for three months of Apple TV + free. At the moment Apple has not announced officially or with a statement this change in the free subscription time. Apple's decis...
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Apple TV Plus prepares content in augmented reality | Digital Trends Spanish

With the goal of retaining and attracting subscribers, Apple TV Plus is preparing content in augmented reality (AR). The report of Bloomberg He noted that the video transmission service also seeks to "boost interest" in said technology. "In the new feature, elements of a television show, such as characters or objects, would be displayed on the viewer's phone or tablet and would blend into the surrounding environment," said people familiar with the project. In this regard, they exemplified saying that if someone is watching a moon walk from the series For All Mankind, a virtual vehicle could perfectly rest on some of the furniture in the room. Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels "The option would serve as additional content, similar to the director's comments or the advance that ...