Tuesday, September 28

AR Emojis de Samsung

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AR Zone by Samsung: how to use this augmented reality app | Digital Trends Spanish

Augmented reality (AR) is a viewing experience that integrates the real world with virtual elements. Although it does not reach the spectacularity of virtual reality (VR), it is a simple and easy way to mix both spaces. If you own a Galaxy phone, you're in luck: learn what Samsung's AR Zone is and how to use it. You will be interested in: The iPhone had during one of its hallmarks the Memoji, those customizable and animated 3D emojis. However, this changed in 2020 with the arrival of Samsung's AR Zone, which is exclusively integrated into the Korean manufacturer's phones, through One UI, its Android-based interface. What is the Samsung AR Zone SamsungThe AR Zone is an application that provides users of Samsung mobile devices with functions related to augmented reality, such as the po...