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Atari 2600: the console that brought Space Invaders home | Digital Trends Spanish

Atari was founded by Nolan Busnell and Ted Dabney in 1972 and, together with their fellow engineer Allan Alcorn, created the game. Pong that same year. This was the first successful arcade game, and as the American company gained recognition, it continued to develop such games. However, development costs and the limited lifespan of arcade machines led Atari to think of a home console, which would be enough to be connected to the television to play. As a result, they created the Atari 2600, which was released on September 11, 1977. In those years there were more home consoles - like the 1972 Magnavox Odyssey and the 1976 Fairchild Channel F - but the Atari 2600 was so popular that it marked its dominance over the rest of the devices. The success was not immediate, but between 1979 and...
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Youtuber creates his own cardboard Mario Kart Arcade | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo Labo is a concept released by the Big N in 2018. They are construction kits with pre-cut cardboard pieces that can be transformed into toys and accessories for the Nintendo Switch. It is something similar to the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer that was launched in 2014, which was used by coupling it to a cell phone. On the Nintendo side, Labo's cardboard accessories - ranging from a piano to a motorcycle handlebar to a fishing pole - are used with the Joy-Con. The project is a bit forgotten, since in recent years Nintendo has not released anything under that concept. But youtuber called DanCreator, has developed its own cardboard device to play on the Switch in the purest Nintendo Labo style: a cabinet of Mario Kart Arcade. The creation of youtuber is a variation of ...
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These little arcade machines are great for kids | Digital Trends Spanish

Children today are generally unfamiliar with arcade machines. But, if you want your children or grandchildren to put aside Fortnite and Minecraft for a while and get to know the experience of playing a retro title on these machines, you can buy the new from Arcade1Up. This company has introduced a new line of arcade machines called Arcade1Up Jr., but the interesting thing is that their size is smaller, so they are ideal for children between four and eight years old. Standard machines are usually 1.60 meters tall, allowing an adult to play standing up comfortably. But the Arcade1Up machines have been scaled down, measuring only about 92 centimeters. The machine is also updated with a "Super Easy" mode and infinite lives feature, so kids don't have to experience endless frustration whi...
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Home arcade console launched with 50 SNK games from the ’90s | Digital Trends Spanish

With 50 classic games pre-installed, the companies Gstone Group and the Japanese studio SNK announced the launch of the SNK NeoGeo MVSX home retro console. Among the SNK titles included, stand out the king of Fighters, Metal slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai shodown, Art of Fighting and some sports like Baseball Stars Professional and Top Player's Golf. The arcade cabinet offers support for two players and includes the traditional analog joysticks and buttons that made these machines popular. In addition, it has a 17-inch 4: 3 LCD screen. Previous Following one of 3 Separately, it will also be pos...