Monday, September 20

archipiélago Seychelles

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Video proves that giant tortoises hunt and eat birds | Digital Trends Spanish

A conservation organization based in the Seychelles archipelago, near Madagascar, managed to register a giant tortoise while attacking and devouring a tern chick. The video was recorded in July 2020 and could be the first documentary evidence of deliberate hunting by a species of wild tortoise. Justin Gerlach, a researcher at the Museum of Zoology at the University of Cambridge and director of the research, mentions that this is a "completely unexpected behavior that has never been seen before in wild turtles." According to the scientist, this shows that turtles are a much more complex species than is thought. "There is a mistaken belief that these animals are slow, boring and probably stupid, but the video is further proof of their intelligence and ability." The record was captured by ...