Tuesday, September 28


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They create a medieval knight using the origami technique | Digital Trends Spanish

Juho Konkkola is a respected Finnish artist known for the models he creates using the origami paper technique. Some time ago, Konkkola achieved some notoriety by creating a samurai warrior, using this same technique from Japan that consists of folding paper. Now, the artist has made something similar, but this time he has investigated about the Middle Ages to make a traditional medieval knight with his full armor through origami. Juho Konkkola.Konkkola has also shared a video where he shows the whole process. According to what he explains, this job has required 41 hours spent folding paper. The record has been edited so that the entire creative process can be appreciated; in fact, it is a time-lapse that lasts 19 minutes. In his Instagram account, the artist comments that the part tha...
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Google remembers Avicii with an emotional Doodle | Digital Trends Spanish

Avicii was one of the most recognized artists in electronic music and had millions of fans around the world. Unfortunately, the composer had also struggled with his mental health problems for years and died in 2018 as a result of a suicide. This September 8, the DJ would have turned 32 years old. Due to this and the fact that these days the World Suicide Prevention Week is commemorated, Google has launched a special Doodle that remembers the artist. The Doodle reviews some of the most important moments in Avicii's life, set to music with Wake Me Up, one of his biggest hits. It is a beautiful tribute that will be well received by fans of the musician. Because of this tribute, Google spoke with the artist's father, Klas Bergling, about his son and mental health. In the talk, the father ...