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Asistente de Google

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We show you how to deactivate the Google Assistant | Digital Trends Spanish

Although the Google Assistant is convenient and efficient, sometimes it is a good idea to let it rest (and we rest from it). Does it respond to ambiguous commands coming from the TV, or does it come on suddenly during important meetings? Are you concerned about privacy? There is a solution for everything: we explain step by step how to deactivate the Google Assistant or limit its triggers. You will be interested in: How to disable the Google Assistant Deactivating it completely on one of your devices is simple: Open the Google app on your phone. Touch More in the lower right corner. Touch Setting. Touch Google Assistant. Down to Assistant Devices and touch Telephone or any other device you have registered on which you want to deactivate the Google Assistant. Turn off the Google Ass...
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Some fun questions for the Google Assistant | Digital Trends Spanish

Although it was designed to help you with daily activities or to answer basic questions, such as the weather or the most important news of the day, the Google Assistant can offer you much more. It may seem strange to you, but he also has a good sense of humor. If you don't believe us, try these fun questions for the Google Assistant and see for yourself. You might also be interested general inquiries Question: "How old are you?" Answer: “I was released in 2016 so I am still quite young. But I have learned a lot! I hope to be wise beyond my age ”. Question: "Who was your first love?" Answer: "Siri." Question: "Do you have feelings?" Response: “Let me see if I can get angry. (Roars.) Oh, that was unexpected. " Question: "I'm bored." Answer: “Boredom can't beat us! ...
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We explain how to configure the Google Home step by step | Digital Trends Spanish

Just got a Google Home, Home Mini, or Nest Hub speaker? Good for you! You are now ready to enter the world of virtual assistants. However, beyond opening the box, you're really not sure where to start. A device like this is a box of surprises with which you can control the smart devices in your home and have fun with their answers through the Google Assistant. Of course, first you have to know how to configure Google Home to discover what it is capable of doing for you and take advantage of its full potential. Step 1: (although it seems obvious) plug it in To get started, first connect your device Google Home to a socket. It is important that you know that there is no power button for the Google Home, which means that while it is connected to electricity you must...
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Google would negotiate the future of Samsung’s virtual assistant | Digital Trends Spanish

Bixby, the virtual assistant for Samsung devices, is probably not as popular as the Google Assistant. However, it has apparently become an obstacle at the time of A report from Bloomberg He assured that both companies are negotiating an agreement so that the services of the search giant will be prioritized on Samsung phones, to the detriment of those developed by the Korean manufacturer. In this way, the measure would favor programs such as the Google Assistant and the Play Store application store over Bixby or the Galaxy Store, which are integrated into the interface. One UI 2, With which Samsung personalizes its phones based on the Android operating system. One of Samsung's goals has been to build an ecosystem of its own software that runs on Android, to the point of...