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Nobody calls his daughter “Alexa” anymore because of Amazon | Digital Trends Spanish

Alexa was one of the most popular names for American-born girls. Until Amazon's voice assistant with the same name appeared. According to a publication by The Atlantic, hardly anyone names their daughters in this way since the company's voice assistant appeared eight years ago, with the first Amazon Echo. According to the article, it is one of the names that has suffered a steepest drop in popularity in recent times. Virtually no one names their daughters that way anymore. The report stops at the case of Alexa Seary, a New Jersey woman who for a long time had to endure the jokes of her office colleagues, including those of her boss. “It started at work. They said, Siri, do this, Siri do that, and now they do the same with Alexa, ”the woman claims. In 2015, the name Alexa reached unex...
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We explain how to disable Cortana in Windows 10 | Digital Trends Spanish

Virtual assistants can be a great help, or a huge nuisance; It depends on what you do with them and if you are putting them to the proper use. They help you with practically everything around your smart home, from simple alarms to wake up or remind you of an appointment, to direct orders to change the channel on your television. The same goes for computers. Don't you like your PC assistant? In this guide we will explain how to disable Cortana in Windows 10 and Windows 11. You will be interested in: It doesn't matter which version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 you're running. However, keep in mind that when you disable Cortana, you will also lose some features. Doing so could affect natural language search and use of other smart assistants like Alexa. Disable Cortana in Windows Home...
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We tell you how to use the Amazon Alexa app on any cell phone | Digital Trends Spanish

If one can praise Amazon Alexa, it is its great flexibility: in addition to being compatible with hundreds of devices of all kinds, from vacuum cleaners to media players, there are also thousands of applications that use it for voice recognition. In addition, it can be installed on practically any iPhone or Android, despite the fact that they have their own digital assistant. In this guide, we tell you how to use the Amazon Alexa app in almost any smartphone and how you can get the most out of it. How to set up Alexa on Android or iPhone Once you install the Alexa app, available both on the Google Play Store like in the Apple App Store, you can customize the way this technology will work on all your compatible devices. If you've never used an assistant-enabled device...
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How to set up a voice profile in Alexa for each member of the family | Digital Trends Spanish

We live in an age where voice assistants make our lives much easier. Once you get used to it, you no longer know how to live without them, because there is nothing more natural than communicating with your voice. And when you share a smart speaker with the family, this experience can be even more satisfying, since it is possible to customize the assistance to each member. In this guide we show you how to set up a voice profile in Alexa; this assistant learns to recognize voices and this allows receiving personalized information each time the device is interacted with. Each family member, and even frequent visitors, can create a voice profile for more personalized interactions. Step 1: open the Alexa app Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. Go to the menu pa...