Tuesday, September 28

Asteroide Vesta

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The asteroid made famous by Isaac Asimov revives with theory | Digital Trends Spanish

Isaac Asimov catapulted the asteroid Vesta in one of his most famous novels called Marooned off Vesta, and that tells the story of three men who survive in the wreckage of the Silver Queen spacecraft in an asteroid belt. Also known as a planetesimal, which is a building block with a mantle, crust, and core that helps the formation of planets, and with a diameter of approximately 330 miles, this object that orbits the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter now has a new theory by astronomers. Christian Klimczak, associate professor in the geology department at the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, believes that the rocky basins and valleys of the asteroid, could give an explanation about the formation of planetary surface in the solar system. "Vesta was also on its way to becoming...