Friday, July 30


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Boeing will once again try to fly its spaceship to the space station for NASA on Friday, after failing its first attempt

LoadingSomething is loading. On Friday, Boeing's Starliner spaceship will attempt to redeem itself after botching its last major test flight.The company's eventual goal is to fly astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA, the way SpaceX already does. Both companies developed their launch systems through NASA's Commercial Crew Program, a competition that awarded funding to private companies in order to develop new astronaut-rea...
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Jeff Bezos’ astronaut wings might only be’honorary’ after the FAA changed the definition of an astronaut

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin's first-ever New Shepard crew may only qualify for "honorary" astronaut wings from the FAA. The FAA updated its astronaut criteria on the day that Bezos rocketed to the edge of space. The new guidelines make a clear distinction between "flight crew" and "spaceflight participants." LoadingSomething is loading. Jeff Bez...
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Jeff Bezos went to space to realize how fragile Earth is. A 10-minute flight may not be long enough to experience this’overview effect.’

Astronauts realize Earth is fragile when seeing it from space. This is called the "overview effect." Jeff Bezos endeavored to feel that sensation during his roughly 10-minute spaceflight on Tuesday. One expert isn't sure a short flight is enough to profoundly change the billionaire's perspective. LoadingSomething is loading. When NASA astronaut...
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Watch Jeff Bezos throw Skittles to companion Oliver Daemon in space:’See if you can catch this in your mouth’

LoadingSomething is loading. Some astronauts bring chocolate to space. Jeff Bezos brought Skittles.The billionaire founder of Amazon and Blue Origin played a game of catch with spaceflight companion Oliver Daemon during their brief jaunt in zero gravity on Tuesday."Who wants a Skittle?" Bezos asked. He then turned Daemon, the 18-year-old son of a private-equity executive: "See if you can catch this in your mouth."Daemon caught the Skittle ...
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To fix the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA may have to rely on a computer that hasn’t turned on since 2009

NASA is still trying to diagnose a computer glitch on its prized Hubble Space Telescope. After three failed attempts to fix Hubble, NASA has narrowed it down to a computer-processing issue. Hubble may have to switch to backup computer hardware that hasn't been powered up since 2009. LoadingSomething is loading. ...