Monday, September 27


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The moment when an unknown object hits Jupiter | Digital Trends Spanish

Qualified as a mystery, this event has generated excitement among the international scientific community. On Monday, September 13, an amateur astronomer from Brazil recorded live an impact flash on the surface of Jupiter. The video belongs to José Luis Pereira, who frequently makes astronomical observations from the patio of his house in Sao Paulo. This is how it captured this unique impact, which was also mentioned by the European Space Agency (ESA). "There is not much information about the object that hit yet, but it is likely to be large or fast!" ESA noted on its Twitter account. Light on at Jupiter! Anyone home? This bright impact flash was spotted yesterday on the giant planet by astronomer José Luis Pereira. Not a lot of info on the impacting object yet but its likely to be l...
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Carl Sagan recounted in an essay how much he enjoyed marijuana | Digital Trends Spanish

Carl Sagan is one of the most respected and recognized characters in the field of science and astronomy, we practically know everything about this author in his professional field. However, we still have to know some intimate aspects of his personal life, specifically what was his opinion on some issues that to this day, unfortunately, continue to generate controversy. One of these issues is marijuana use. The well-known astronomer even wrote an essay under a pseudonym about his experience consuming this plant. The story appeared in the book Marijuana Reconsidered by Dr. Lester Grinspoon, published in 1971. In the text, Sagan appeared as Mr. X and his secret was kept until his death, revealing his position on marijuana in his biography Carl Sagan: A Life. In the essay, which can be re...