Sunday, July 25

At-Home Workout

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The 5 best sets of dumbbells of 2021 for your home gym

Dumbbells are an effective fitness tool for anyone looking to build and maintain strength. The best vary in style, with some allowing for quick weight adjustments while others are compact for easy storage. Our top pick, the Powerblock dumbbells, essentially replace 28 pairs of weights and adjust from 5 to 90 pounds. Dumbells are among the most common and sought-after pieces of workout equipment, no matter if you're at an actual fitness center or working out in your own home gym — And it's not hard to see why. Not only can they be effective when used correctly but they're highly versatile, too, capable of sufficing for a number of workouts like curls, presses, or rows.It's because ...
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The 6 best men’s workout shirts of 2021

A great workout shirt provides benefits like moisture-wicking technology, stretch fabric, and odor control. It's important the shirt also fits comfortably and performs well during activities like strength training or running. Our top pick, Ten Thousand's Versatile Shirt, excels in terms of fit and performance and is my go-to for any workout. Ask any fitness enthusiast about their preferred style of workout shirt and they'll likely spend a few seconds listing off things like moisture-wicking fabric, innovative cooling technology, or sweat-activated fabrics. While these may sound like a collection of buzzwords, the application behind these concepts are both staples and must-haves i...