Monday, September 20

ataques ciberneticos

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Hackers are trying to overthrow the dictator of Belarus | Digital Trends Spanish

Aleksandr Lukashenko became President of Belarus in 1994, and since that time, he has built the most repressive police state in Europe, managing to stay in power continuously. To end his mandate, a group of hackers called Cyberpartisans of Belarus (Belarus Cyber ​​Partisans) has been using the surveillance state to turn it against Lukashenko. And, as a result of this, they claim to have achieved one of the most extensive attacks in all history in a country. This group of hackers, which is made up of 15 Belarusian IT experts, has been regularly filtering content to expose the bad practices of the Lukashenko regime. They assure that what they have leaked corresponds to evidence of police crimes, information that reveals that the regime covered up the true death rate from COVID-19 in the ...