Sunday, September 19


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Sex and COVID-19: the question that bothered Jacinda Ardern | Digital Trends Spanish

It is now customary for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to appear in front of journalists to deliver the latest information on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in her country. However, this Thursday, September 9, was a particular occasion, due to a question that bothered the highest authority of the nation. In the middle of the round of consultations, a journalist asked him about a complaint involving a COVID-19 patient who had had sex with a person who had visited him in an Auckland hospital where he was staying. In particular, the reporter asked him if this could be considered a “high risk activity”, in the current panorama offered by the health crisis. PM Jacinda Ardern says sexual relations, regardless of Covid status, shouldn't “generally be part of [hospital] v...
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New Zealand quarantined after first contagion in 6 months | Digital Trends Spanish

New Zealand stands out as one of the nations that has best known how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, the measures it has adopted serve the rest of the countries as a reference or a way forward. Now, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decreed the confinement for three days of the more than five million inhabitants of the country, after a case of community transmission was detected in Auckland, the first since February 28. This decision is due to the concern that this case corresponds to the Delta variant. The measure will take effect from this Tuesday, August 17. However, the inhabitants of Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula will be confined for seven days. “We have only one chance. We need to go strong and early to stop the broadcasts, ”the nation's highest...