Saturday, July 31

aumento de la producción

Apple, aumento de la producción, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro

Apple increases the production of the new iPhone in anticipation | Digital Trends Spanish

The iPhone 13 is one of the most anticipated models, which is why Apple would have increased its production by a fifth. According to un report of Bloomberg, Apple would be preparing 90 million units of its next flagship phone instead of the 75 million that were initially expected. The notable increase in production would respond to the strong demand that Apple expects to have the model after the improvement of the general situation of the pandemic around the world. Despite the global chip shortage that is affecting most mobile phone manufacturers around the world, the sources consulted by Bloomberg say that the problem is highly unlikely to affect the production of the iPhone 13. Apple is expected to include significant improvements in the iPhone 13s compared to the current model. One...