Monday, September 27


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Microsoft accounts no longer need passwords | Digital Trends Spanish

This Wednesday, September 15, Microsoft announced that it will no longer ask the user for passwords so that they can access any of their accounts associated with the company. Until some time ago, this was only allowed to your business customers, however, from today it is available to all users. Now, instead of entering a password, the technology offers a series of options to access the different accounts. This could be done through the Windows Authenticator application, Windows Hello, a physical security key, and codes sent by email or SMS. Thus, the person can enter any of the services offered by the company with this method, such as Office, OneDrive, Microsoft Family Safety, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 10 and 11, among other applications. To remove the password, it is necessary to ...
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Playstation will detect users by movement | Digital Trends Spanish

Just a few months after the PS5 is released, Sony is already working on some innovations that it wants to launch in the future. A patent application that revealed Arstechnica, talks about a new authentication method. This system would be based on the movement of users through the command control of the console, and thus avoid passwords and fingerprints. “To log into their account, a user often has to enter a password, which can be seen by other users. Additionally, once a user has entered their password, a situation arises where the user remains logged into their account unless the user subsequently performs a logout operation, which may result in another user [sic] potentially gain access to the user's profile, ”the patent begins. That's why Sony wants to implement ...