Thursday, September 16

avances de salud

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Hispanics who have created solutions against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

Cinema, science, technology, health ... there is no area in which Hispanics do not stand out for their work, dedication and commitment, even when it comes to combating a pandemic such as the coronavirus that, more than a year after its beginning, has changed the course of the planet in all its latitudes. Perhaps in this vein the names that have resonated the most come from developed countries, but in Latin America there are worthy representatives who from their trenches have created solutions against COVID-19. In Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) we want to highlight the most influential Latinas and Latinos in film, science, technology, health and the fight against the pandemic. Mónica Olvera de la Cruz: the weak point of the virus Together with her team, Mónica Olv...